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Me: A photographer without a niche.

I am an adventure photographer based in Seattle with over 10 years experience capturing memories in weddings, sports, portraits, and photojournalism. Much of my early photography foundation was built in the newsroom, capturing events, concerts, and student life at my college newspaper where I started as a Photojournalist and later became the Multimedia/Photography Editor my Senior year. Since then I've branched out and grown as a photographer, capturing half a dozen weddings a year as a backup photographer, the beautiful landscapes of New England and the PNW, professional headshots, local events for hire and family portraits.

When I'm not taking photos, you'll find me spending quality time with my family and dog, coding websites (like this one!), backpacking, hiking or eating smores around the fire.


Because everyone always asks... I shot Nikon for over 10 years but recently converted to Fujifilm in 2021. For all the reasons why, check out my blog post. FYI some of the below links are affiliate links, like most links online these days, so they cost you nothing and give me a few cents. I only recommend the gear I love and use! And honestly while the below links are to brand new gear, like cars, I almost always buy my lenses used. I use fredmiranda or go local when purchasing lenses.


  • Fujifilm X-T4 Silver
    My main workforce, I love this camera because it can do it all! And the fuji color science lives up to the hype.

  • Fujifilm X100F
    Even though I've only used it since Winter 2020/2021 I loved the X-T4 so much that I recently bought a little used x100f for street photos and everyday shots! (Like of the dog or the fam). It's a great little camera especially because it was around $650 used. The focal length (35 equivalent) is the best walk around length (which is good because this camera has a fixed lens).


  • My favorite lens by far: Fuji XF16mmF1.4 R WR Lens
    It's quite sharp wide open (which I have a weakness to shoot at) and the close focus distance is super fun! Plus I love the focal length for landscapes and people.

  • Fuji XF23mm F1.4 R Lens
    Even though the 16mm is my favorite lens, this 35mm equivalent is what's on my camera 90% of the time. I love the focal length so much I recently added a x100f to my bag!

  • Fuji XF35mmF2 R WR Lens
    Great for video with a fast and smooth AF, I don't use this lens that much to be honest and might sell it.

  • Fuji XF50mmF2 R WR Lens
    As an 85mm equivalent, this lens is pretty good for product shots and portraits although time will tell if it gets replaced by the 90mm.

  • Fuji XF90mmF2 R LM WR Lens
    My latest lens after deciding the 50mm wasn't long enough for some of the product and people. I love tele compression and this 135mm equivalent fits the bill for that! Plus I hear it's one of the sharpest Fuji lenses without blowing thousands.

Other Gear

  • Peak Design Cuff Wrist Strap
    This works well with my little x100f!

  • Peak Design Capture Clip
    This lovely little contraption helps me keep my camera mounted on my bag strap, easily within reach.

  • Peak Design Slide Lite Strap
    Using the Peak Design anchors is a great system so I change between straps!

  • Peak Design Everyday Backpack V1 (Version 2 here)
    I packed this bag on kickstarter years ago and honestly while we've made some amazing memories, I'm currently on the fence about replacing it. I don't love the opening mechanics even Peak Design typically makes top notch stuff.

  • SmalllRig L Bracket
    This L bracket helps making tripod mounting super quick and easy and extends out the front grip so the camera is easier to hold. Coming from shooting with big DSLR's for many years I immediately felt like the mirrorless camera was too small - even though I love it for being lightweight. This helps that feeling.

  • Moment Rugged Sling (Fuji limited edition)
    This bag is great! Super portable and can fit almost all my lenses and 2 cameras in it. Also it lasted for hours in the rain which is crucial for any photography bag here in the PNW.

Lets work together

I love working with brands looking for high quality images or people looking for a professional, somewhat silly, portrait or wedding photographer.

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